Moisturizing Clay Facial Cleanser


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Combining the rich nutrients
 of DorMauri’s unique marine clay with pure rosewater, jojoba oil and sea salt to provide a rich but gentle facial cleanser leaving your skin feeling fresh and therapeutic. Ideal for normal to dry skin.


Silica: heals skin, as well as tightens and firms.
Calcium: assists in cell turnover and regulation of the protective lipid barrier.

Promotes healing and discourages bacterial growth.

Has anti-inflammatory, anti-stress, antiseptic and skin-repairing properties.



Moisturizing Clay Facial Cleanser, 4.0 out of 5 based on 16 ratings

Key Ingredients

Jojoba Oil
Jojoba oil has the ability to penetrate deep into you skin to moisturize without leaving an oily feel. This makes it an excellent solution for oily skin and is often used in acne treatment. Not only does it moisturize and restore elasticity in your skin, it unclogs pores, which prevents acne breakouts. Jojoba oil is good for oily or combination skin types.

Organic Sweet Orange Oil - Cold Pressed (Citrus sinensis)
Organic sweet orange oil naturally contains high levels of d-Limonene, a compound that is anti-inflammatory, anti-stress,antiseptic and contains skin-repairing properties. It has potent antimicrobial activity against skin infections and helps boost skin immunity. This type of oil is used frequently used in aromatherapy practices.
Rosewater soothes irritated skin and works as an anti-inflammatory. It also moisturizes skin and reduces fine wrinkles. Rosewater is often used as a toner and acne cleanser. It tightens your pores, evens out your skin tone and purifies skin leaving it feeling refreshed and cool. Daily use of rosewater will even out your skin tone and prevent acne caused by bacteria.

Sea Salt
Sea salt reduces swelling and puffiness and removes dead skin. It also increases circulation by increasing the blood flow. Since salt is a natural detoxifier, your skin will look renewed and fresh every time you cleanse. The salt exfoliates your skin and removes dirt and oil. This leaves your skin feeling soft and oil free all day.


A nourishing facial cleanser that is gentle enough to be used daily and thoroughly cleanses the skin, while delivering superior anti-aging benefits.

Follow these simple steps to reveal fresh, clean and tightened skin:

  1. Lather clay bar under water and massage the rich foam in small circles into the facial skin. For extra exfoliation you can apply product with a facial brush and work around the face in small circular motions.
  2. Gently remove lather with a warm cloth or simply splash with warm water.
  3. Pat dry and enjoy your youthful glow!


5 Stars

I was at first skeptical, I never used a cleansing bar to wash my face. It works great on my sensitive skin. It foams a little bit and there's a bit of grainy bits that exfoliate my skin. The thing I like the most is that my skin feels "balanced" after using. It's clean but doesn't feel dried out, which is a problem I have with most facial cleansers. It was quite a surprise but it's now my favorite facial cleanser.
May 2, 2016

5 Stars

A great product!! After just a week of use, my skin was smoother, evenly toned and left a fresh clean feeling after each use. I highly recommend you try it. You won't be disappointed.
April 30, 2016

5 Stars

I love the way this cleanser made my face feel. It felt clean and fresh and no oils or yucky residue left after using it.I would purchase this product for sure.
April 29, 2016

5 Stars

I had a problem receiving this product in the mail but they sent it again and it arrived this time. (Great customer service!) Very lovely ingredients in this tea tree clay cleanser. Non-irritating, non-drying but anticeptic. Pleasant smelling without being over-powering. I am sensitive to strong scents, especially if they aren't natural. I definitely want to buy this product! I like that it is made in Canada with (some) organic ingredients.
April 13, 2016

3 Stars

I like the detoxifying nature of this cleanser , you can feel the results right away. It works well and exfoliates well also, the only one thing i was not too happy it does let your skin a bit tight after.
April 26, 2016

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