The DorMauri Story

This type of mineral clay has been known to the Indigenous people of Canada for centuries. It is estimated that the first contact with a representative or modern science took place in the 1940's. The government started a new system to provide medical care to the inhabitants to some Canada's most remote and isolated communities.

Doctors were engaged to make a circuit of the tiny towns and fishing villages that dot the northern coastline, on a route that would be repeated several times a year. One route passed a village where the children suffered from a variety of rashes and skin lesions, obviously a result of the climate and a lack of basic medical facilities. It was promised, when the doctors returned, they would bring the appropriate modern ointments, salves, and antibiotic skin creams to correct the problems being experienced by these children.

Months later with a planeload of supplies, the doctors were astonished to discover that the children were completely cured. Had someone been through the village? The natives explained that they had merely taken the children to visit “the mud baths”. The natives described a tidal flat where particular clay was to be found, a clay known and used by the tribe for its healing properties.

The Indigenous people took the doctors to the location. They waited until late after midnight, at the lowest tide, and was led out onto the tidal flat. The receding tide had exposed a hidden hot spring where the mud around the spring was hot and steaming in the night air. And there was more to the spring: oozing and bubbling from the hot spring, a greenish clay was discovered.

This, was the secret of the recovery of the children: a gift from the depths of the earth, brought to the surface by a hot spring at only one point, its location a closely guarded secret for hundreds of years. Now, years later, the secret and benefits of the clay is being passed onto you through DorMauri facial products.