The following is the recommended daily treatment with DorMauri skincare for normal-oily skin.

Step One: Cleaning Your Face

  • Tea Tree Clay Cleanser
    Wash face by rubbing clay cleanser with wet hands to create foam. Massage the clay cleanser foam onto face for about a minute for the exfoliating benefit.  Rinse with warm water and pat dry. You can also use a warm towel to wipe the face as well. Can be used for your morning and night routine. 

Step Two: Toner

  • Firming Botanical Facial Toner
    Evenly spray Firming Botanical Facial Toner onto face, avoiding the eye area. Lightly pat the toner on the face to produce the firming and toning result.  Or spray the toner on cotton pad and lightly pat the cotton pad on the face.  

Step Three: Eye Treatment

  • Essential Eye Serum / Eye Renewal Cream
    Apply Essential Eye Serum or Eye Renewal Cream around the eye area. Lightly tap from the inner eye corner to the outer corner of the eyes with outward motion. 

Step Four: Serum Treatment

  • Vit C-HA Repair Serum
    Lightly spread several drops of the Repair Serum onto the whole face and neck, avoid eye areas. Let it fully absorb onto the skin.

Step Five: Moisturize

Step Six: Special treatment step (once a week)

  • Mineral Clay Mask
    Apply a thin layer of Mineral Clay on a clean face (follow step #1) and neck area to create a mask. Lie down and relax to let the mask dry for approximately 10-15 minutes.  Wash the face and follow with Facial Toner (step #2) and the rest of the daily use application.


You will notice the improvement on your skin after four weeks. Enjoy the glow!

**For an extra special treat, use a microdeermabasim like our Fine Microdermabrasion Cream onto dry clean skin (face and body) every 10 days to give your skin another beautiful home spa treatment experience.